Year in Review

Together, we’re making a lasting impact
on the health and wellbeing of patients
and the population

The level of commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of patients and populations across the region, by our partners and the UCLPartners team, is truly inspiring.”

Dr Charlie Davie, Managing Director
Prof Ajay Kakkar, Chair

In this review, we highlight the important contribution we are making to the partnership and our delivery against national health and life sciences priorities.

We’ve seen remarkable progress in areas including care of the elderly, mental health, dementia and cardiovascular disease, and we continue to support and make our work relevant to the forming Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships. 

In addition, we demonstrate our leading role and expertise in healthcare innovation and improvement, and our focus on what matters most to patients and the population.”

Dr Charlie Davie, Managing Director
Prof Ajay Kakkar, Chair


We’re the only partnership in the country that connects scientific discoveries with healthcare innovation, improvement, workforce development, and population health.

We do this by creating sustainable partnerships and working with teams of scientists, academics, clinicians, staff and patients across health and care .

We use evidence to find and develop solutions to real problems that are transforming health and wellbeing.

Partnership working continues to be the sustaining foundation on which our work is built.

We work in partnership and bring together people and organisations to transform the health and wellbeing of the population.

Created in 2009 as a small partnership, we have grown to one that now serves a population of over six million people through more than 40 partner organisations across the NHS, higher education and local authorities.

Our local focus is to support health and care improvements for the population in parts of London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, including many of the most deprived and vulnerable communities in the country. Beyond serving the local population, healthcare solutions developed by members in partnership are often applied across the UK and globally.


These have only been possible through the commitment and collaboration of partners who see solutions for the whole population.


UK Dementia Research Institute hub to help address one of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges to be based at UCL


is awarded to the four Biomedical Research Centres in UCLPartners, representing 20% of UK funding for health research


Partner organisations within UCLPartners have recruited more patients into clinical trials than any other region in the country with a record 75,000 in 2016/17.

Innovation and improvement into practice


organisations across the country are using innovative new products, services, devices.

We’re transforming innovation in the NHS and giving patients access to the very best healthcare solutions through our leadership of the nationally-renowned NHS Innovation Accelerator.


Our work is ensuring that people with atrial fibrillation are receiving the right therapy.

This is estimated to prevent 360 strokes over five years in our region.


We’re supporting individuals, organisations and health economies to develop a culture of improvement to enable and sustain high quality, safe, efficient and compassionate care.


One million eye scans at Moorfields analysed by DeepMind’s artificial intelligence system that could lead to earlier detection of common eye diseases.


Over a quarter

of people joining NIHR Clinical Research Network dementia studies in the region are recruited through Join Dementia Research - an innovative digital service for matchmaking volunteers with dementia research across the country.

Pioneering digital health

All 3 of DigitalHealth.London’s digital pioneer awards were scooped by our partners for their innovation in digital health.

The high standard and quantity of award nominations demonstrates the commitment to digital innovation to improve health and care in this region.


Developing the workforce

We provide essential education resources and training for health professionals in the region, ensuring they have the skills to provide high quality care at all stages of life.

Since 2013 our training programmes in physical and mental health, dementia, end of life care and genomics have reached almost 60,000 colleagues in the partnership.


Primary care development

As care moves closer to home and the demand on general practice increases, we are using our expertise to create networks and build leadership skills for an NHS that’s fit for the future.


One third of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in the country are now using i-THRIVE – a model for improving services for children and young people with mental illness.


UCLPartners is a company limited by guarantee. We bring together a wide set of roles to bring about greater improvements across the health and care pathway for the benefit of patients and the population.

We are an Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC), an Academic Health Science Network, and we are aligned with the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) North Thames, the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) North Thames and the North Thames NHS Genomic Medicine Centre. We are the only organisation in the country to align these NHS and Department of Health designated roles under one umbrella.

Our employees are vital to the delivery of our vision to transform patient and population health.

We have a team of 90 employees, of which 32 are on secondment from partner organisations. Staff working at UCLPartners come with a wide range of experience in health care, academia and industry, from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.

Our unique approach is to build capability by sharing expertise and skills within our company and across the partnership. We achieve this by actively encouraging secondees to share the knowledge they gain at UCLPartners and embed it when they return to their own organisations. We also encourage our employees to spend time in partner organisations.

This unique reciprocal arrangement with our partners helps drive the work of UCLPartners in a way that benefits patients and staff on the front line of health and care.

Summary of our income in 2016/17

Summary of our income in 2016/17

Summary of our spending in 2016/17

Summary of our spending in 2016/17

The majority of our revenue received is from the public sector and other not-for-profit organisations.

In keeping with this, annual surpluses are not distributed, but are reinvested to support the aims and objectives of the company. A reserve is maintained to safeguard the financial sustainability of the company. In 2016/17 a surplus of £193k was achieved from a turnover of £9.8m.


UCLPartners is committed to helping our partners to address the great challenge of closing the health, quality and financial gaps in the NHS. We will continue to provide a range of support to our local sustainability and transformation partnerships.

We will work with other Academic Health Science Networks to lead the development of innovation pipelines, speeding up patients' access to new treatments and solutions to improve patient care.

We will use our expertise to help in the development and delivery of the Industrial Strategy and life sciences agenda, building relationships between industry and scientists to develop the treatments of the future.

Above all else, we will focus on what matters most to patients and the population.

For further information about our work and to read our full annual report and financial accounts for 2016/17, please visit www.uclpartners.com or follow @uclpartners

Thank you to our partners who have worked in partnership to support our vision.

We also thank our colleagues in the NIHR Clinical Research Network North Thames, NIHR CLAHRC North Thames and North Thames Genomic Medicine Centre for their ongoing support during the year.

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