UCLPartners brings together health professionals and academics to work in partnership on a portfolio of health and social care programmes.

UCLPartners focuses on three areas to ensure we best meet the needs of the partners to deliver a sustainable health and care system for the population:

  • Discovery science harnesses world-class academic and clinical expertise to speed up the development of new treatments, diagnostics and prevention strategies
  • Innovation and improvement into practice enables academics, healthcare professionals, industry and patients to work together to create a culture for improvement and to speed up innovation into routine practice in health and care.
  • Population health will lead UCLPartners in supporting population-based transformation for the six million people served by the partnership and those further afield. This will include providing a platform of support for organisations that are connecting across the system to deliver sustainable population-based (or place-based) care.

Within these areas we support partners to deliver work that will have the most positive impact on the health and wellbeing of patients and the local population. Our work is co-created with involvement from colleagues across the health and care system, including patients; service users; hospital, community, mental health and primary care providers; commissioners; academia; third sector; government and industry.

Find out more about our partnership achievements in our Year in Review.

How we work

In partnership: UCLPartners’ fundamental role is to support and facilitate an ethos of sustainable partnership working in areas that add value for partner organisations, patients and populations, and to catalyse improvements in health and care at greater scale and pace than individual partners can achieve alone.

Breaking down barriers: UCLPartners breaks down the barriers that exist along the pathway of scientific discovery and innovation and along patient pathways from prevention, diagnosis, treatment and after care to end of life care. This is achieved by bringing together people and organisations, applying academic rigour and supporting delivery of a portfolio of research, health and social care programmes that address the needs of the population and the long-term sustainability of the health and care system.

Adaptability: The company’s business model is flexible to respond to the evolving needs of partners and the population. A guiding principle is that delivery and outcomes are attributed to partner organisations rather than the company itself.

Values driven: UCLPartners sets direction, employs staff and works with colleagues based on core values that ensure its work is: patient-led, population-focused, developed in partnership and delivered at pace.

Focus on delivery of solutions: UCLPartners offers a range of support determined by partners’ needs, ranging from workforce development; leadership support and advice; research and evaluation. Above all else, UCLPartners has an unrelenting focus on challenging the status quo for the benefit of patients and the population.

For example, the Deteriorating Patient Collaborative is the first formal quality improvement learning project across the partnership. It was set up in December 2010 to reduce avoidable cardiac arrests in the hospitals in our area. Starting as a collaboration between six NHS trusts in north central London, the project now includes 15 NHS trusts.