The aim of our innovation work is to deliver significantly better outcomes for patients at a lower cost, through the systematic application of innovative tools and techniques. Innovation is embedded in all of our work.

Our innovation approach starts with a deep understanding of what matters to patients and the population. It involves multiple perspectives and collaborations, the systematic application of innovative tools and techniques, and a multi-faceted approach to adoption, adaption and diffusion. As a partnership we focus on bringing new services, pathways, treatments, techniques and technologies into practice to benefit the health and wellbeing of our patients and population, and to contribute to economic growth.

Our innovation work also focuses on the systematic implementation of proven innovations to ensure our entire population benefits equitably from the full suite of available solutions. Our approach is not to focus solely on, for example, particular National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance documents and/or technology appraisals. Instead, we consider the needs of a specific population and address the root causes of poor and variable outcomes. This can cover a range of interventions across the patient pathway including prevention, identification, diagnosis, treatment and on-going support. Within this, we are actively identifying opportunities to work together with industry to ensure our patients and populations have access to high impact innovations.

Strategic objectives

  • To deliver significantly better outcomes at less cost by embedding across the partnership a team of leaders who systematically use innovative tools and techniques
  • To speed the adoption and diffusion of innovations through patient pull,  horizontal, peer-to-peer support and system conditions as the primary mechanisms
  • To deliver better outcomes for patients and the population by enabling comprehensive uptake of high impact innovations across the care pathway