No such thing as a free lunch?

There is at UCLPartners (well, sort of, occasionally…). All we ask is for you to share your thoughts about and experiences of working in or with today’s NHS.

Melting Pot @UCLPartners

In the fast-paced environment of health and care, it is very easy to feel disconnected from one another as we grapple with the challenges of increasing specialisation, constant reporting and inspections, and the seemingly relentless need to be seen to deliver.  Those of us delivering clinical care often have very little to do with those of us planning, managing and debating the delivery of that care, and in this tribal world, traversing  barriers to share ideas with others can feel lonely and risky.  We often forget that we are all working in the same collective effort: for the good of all of the people whose health and care we provide. Broadening our horizons by stepping across professional boundaries allows us to step back and gain a new perspective, providing us with the opportunity to learn a huge amount as professionals and as individuals.

Eating a lunch together, and chatting over some common ground is a fantastic chance for us all to see things a little differently and help us make better connections, be better colleagues, and to better serve our patients and populations.

Melting Pot @UCLPartners is based upon the model developed by Kaleidoscope Health & Care and supported by the NHS London Leadership Academy.

What is it?

Each lunch is a 90-minute discussion forum over a weekday lunchtime, bringing together diverse groups from across health and care, different disciplines, backgrounds, and settings. The aim is to discuss a particular topic of shared interest, and most importantly, enjoy lunch – all under the Chatham House rule.

Who can join in?

Lunches are open to anyone working in health, social care, voluntary sector and relevant academic organisations within the UCLPartners geography.

When and where are they?

Lunches (and occasionally an afternoon tea!) are taking place at a number of different times and places during late 2016 and 2017. More dates will be published here. Our currently open gatherings and links to book into them for free are below.

  • Friday 23 June, 12.30-2pm. MHP Communications, 6 Agar Street, WC2N 4HN. Register on Eventbrite.
  • Tuesday 11 July, 12.30-2pm, Health Innovation Network, Ground Floor, Minerva House, SE1 9BB. Register on Eventbrite.

For any queries about Melting Pot @UCLPartners please contact Charlotte Williams