Quality improvement and capability development

UCLPartners focuses on four key areas of work to support health systems, organisations, teams and individuals to develop capability and infrastructure to improve quality, patient safety and experience, alongside increasing efficiency.

Our key areas of focus are:

  1. Supporting the local health system, organisations and individuals to improve quality, increase efficiency and support leadership that enables transformation in line with the Five Year Forward View
  2. Supporting our partners to improve the safety of patients and develop a patient safety learning culture
  3. Developing a deeper understanding of health needs and expectations for our population by continuing to build stronger partnerships with, and leadership by, patient, carer and community networks and organisations
  4. Supporting the system to maximise the use of informatics as an enabler and driver of high quality care, both within organisations and across health economies

Key programmes

Improvement Fellows Programme

The UCLPartners Improvement Fellows Programme brings together local individuals from a range of organisations and roles who have the enthusiasm, motivation and capability to drive improvement within their organisations and beyond. The programme connects people, provides opportunity for open dialogue in a safe environment, offers time and space to reflect and plan, and gives opportunities for more tangible learning and benefits.

Find out more about the programme and the Fellows for 2017.

Sharing knowledge and building skills in improvement

UCLPartners provides training in quality improvement, behaviour change and patient and public involvement. These sessions are available for free to all healthcare professionals across our partnership and aim to build improvement capability. View our upcoming events to register for training.

We also hold a quality forum every quarter in partnership with one of our partners. Organisations shares their experiences of improvement and change within the health or social care system. Email us to be added to the Quality Forum mailing list so you can attend the next event.

Patient safety

The UCLPartners Patient Safety Programme is one of 15 patient safety collaboratives established across England, putting patients, carers and clinical staff at the heart of patient safety improvements. Hosted by UCLPartners, the programme is part of the largest and most comprehensive national patient safety programme of its kind in the world.

Acute kidney injury (AKI) and sepsis were identified as priority areas for our partners as well as being responsible for the greatest number of avoidable deaths (based on national data). These form the first two work streams of the UCLPartners patient safety programme. The reducing cardiac arrests work stream (deteriorating patient), set-up in 2010 to reduce in-hospital mortality from cardiac arrests, has been incorporated into the UCLPartners patient safety programme.

Find out more about the programme.

Patient, carer and public involvement and engagement

Patient insight and involvement is one of our capability-building themes because we believe that patients should be involved and engaged in every aspect of healthcare and that more can be done to develop staff to undertake this. We believe that working in partnership with our community and patients is the way to transform our best research and ideas into sustainable improvements in health.

Through an extensive engagement process with our population and members, we are focusing on three areas for coordinated action within UCLPartners. These are:

  1. Partnering with our population
  2. Developing comprehensive support and guidance – learning from and improving how UCLPartners and our members involve patients, carers and the public
  3. Evaluating and measuring impact

To find out more about these areas of focus, visit the patient insight and involvement pages where you can also find out how to get involved with our work.

Q Initiative

Q (formerly 5000 Patient Safety Fellows) is an initiative, led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS England, connecting people skilled in improvement across the UK. The founding cohort was appointed in 2015 and helped design, refine and test Q. The design process informs a wider recruitment campaign which will start in 2016.

Q will make it easier for people from all parts of the healthcare system (with expertise in improvement) to share ideas, enhance their skills and make changes that bring tangible benefits for patients.

UCLPartners received a good number of applications from across the partnership and 10 individuals participated in the design cohort. Keep up to date with the next round of applications.

Programme leadership

  • Kate Hall – Director of Capability Development