South East Essex Quality Improvement Collaborative

We are working with Castle Point & Rochford CCG and Southend CCG to increase Quality Improvement (QI) capacity and capability across the South East Essex footprint.

Three collaboratives have been set up, each representing different localities within the area. Each GP practice involved will work on a QI project relevant to their practice but focussed on an overarching theme decided as a collaborative. During 2019, 7 learning sessions will take place, covering core QI tools and methodology and focussing on shared learning between GP practices.

Quality Improvement is a commitment to continuously improving the quality of healthcare by focusing on the preferences and needs of the people who use the services. It is an evidence-based approach that helps primary care free up time to deliver initiatives and embed new approaches more effectively and efficiently into practice. QI helps GPs, clinicians and other health care staff to make the most of their systems, organisations, talents and expertise to deliver better outcomes for patients.

How our collaboratives work

Our collaboratives are based on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Breakthrough Series collaborative model, the key elements of which are joint learning events and practice-level action periods. Each collaborative is supported by two local QI leads who undergo training in Quality Improvement methodology and tools. They are supported to run future QI collaboratives to ensure sustainability of local QI resource.