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Invitation to Tender 2019

About UCLPartners

UCLPartners is one of the largest academic health science partnerships in the world, encompassing more than 40 health care providers and universities that together serve a population of 6 million people in London and surrounding areas. We are a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and support our partners to collaborate across a number of health and care settings. We share practical and evidence-based solutions as well as methods for building capability and supporting system change. We support partners to deliver work that will have the most positive impact on the health and wellbeing of patients and the local population.

Our work is co-created with involvement from colleagues across the health and care system, including patients; service users; hospital, community, mental health and primary care providers; commissioners; academia; third sector; government and industry.

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Human Factors refers to the organisational, individual, environmental, and job characteristics that influence behaviour in ways that can impact safety.

Human Factors play an important role in delivering safer health care, and UCLPartners has been delivering training for clinical and non-clinical professionals in it since 2014.

Alongside our foundation training in quality improvement and measurement for improvement, we have delivered training to over 1,000 people within the UCLPartners region.

Our aim is to continuously build people’s skills, knowledge and capability to enable them to continuously improve the quality and safety of the care they deliver.

The delivery of Human Factors training is a core component of the work UCLPartners undertakes to improve quality and safety across the NHS organisations we partner with.

The opportunity

UCLPartners is looking to appoint a provider to design and deliver a programme of one-day Human Factors training sessions, initially from September 2019 until March 2020.

The one-day Human Factors sessions will equip people working in healthcare to develop the practical skills to improve their individual and team performance, improve communication and contribute to a proactive safety culture.

Structure and deliverables

The successful provider will be responsible for designing and delivering the training programme, working in close collaboration with the UCLPartners team. The sessions should be designed in a way to maximise user adoption, carefully balancing theory and practice and using case studies taken from clinical settings.

Requirements of the provider:

  • Delivery of a minimum of 7 one-day sessions (running from September 2019 to March 2020)
  • High quality content and materials for each session
  • Consistent trainers to deliver each session
  • Use of an impact self-assessment form

At the end of each session, it is the ambition that participants will gain a core understanding of:

  •  The fundamental skills and knowledge needed to understand and apply Human Factors using a systematic approach
  •  How and why errors are made and how to avoid them
  • How to recognise the early signs of error and proactively identify risks
  • How to communicate more effectively under pressure
  • The knowledge to contribute to their organisation’s proactive safety culture
  • The interventions that can be applied to put the principles of Human Factors into practice in their own context.

Selection process

  • July:
    • Invitation to Tender document issued
  • August:
    • Proposals sent to UCLPartners by 5pm 6 August 2019.
    • Applicants shortlisted for interview notified by 9 August 2019
    • Interviews to take place on 29 August 2019
  • September:
    • Successful provider notified and planning day to be held at UCLPartners
    • The first training session will be delivered on 24 September 2019

Provider experience

UCLPartners is looking to appoint a provider that has expertise in, and a passion for, Human Factors and its application in healthcare. Providers could be organisations or individuals; we would also welcome applications from (or in partnership with) teams based within an NHS organisation from the UCLPartners region.

Providers should understand the importance of Human Factors and its connection to quality improvement. The successful provider will be expected to have sufficient capacity to commit to the development of the training sessions with UCLPartners and look for ways to continuously improve the quality of the training.

The trainer(s) must have the following key skills:

  • An in-depth knowledge of Human Factors and its application in healthcare
  • A strong understanding of Human Factors theory with the ability to articulate it clearly
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills • Experience in delivering practically focused training sessions
  •  Be adaptable to the needs of participants and work closely with the UCLPartners team

The trainer(s) must also be willing to:

  • Share the successes and challenges of training sessions with the UCLPartners team
  • Continuously evaluate effectiveness and impact
  • Work closely with the UCLPartners team and use feedback to continuously improve the sessions
  • Support and coach UCLPartners team members in delivering future sessions.

Additional information

Data Protection

Personal data is protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the post holder will ensure that it is securely held and that the requirements of GDPR are followed.

Equal Opportunities

UCLPartners is committed to equal opportunities and all people acting on its behalf must perform their duties in a manner that supports and promotes this commitment.

How to apply

Completed proposals should be sent by email to QI@uclpartners.com by the closing date of 5pm on 6 August 2019 for the attention of Gabriella Massa.

We will not be able to accept late proposals.

Proposals should include the following:

  • Information about you/your organisation including relevant experience
  • A summary of why you are well placed to deliver the training programme
  • Detailed costings
  • Session plan
  • Training objectives

Selection process and key dates

Applicants shortlisted for interview will be notified by email by 9 August 2019.

Further details of what to expect at interview will be provided if you are selected. Interviews will take place on 29 August and we would like the lead applicant and trainer to attend. While we will do our best to accommodate individual requirements, unfortunately there is no flexibility with the interview date.

Please note the first training session will be delivered on Tuesday 24 September and sessions will continue to run initially until March 2020.

If you have any queries on any aspects of the programme, please contact Gabriella Massa by emailing QI@uclpartners.com or by telephone on 020 3108 2334.