Measurement for safety

Why is measurement important?

Measurement is important to understand if introduced changes are leading to improvement and to assess the impact of the change.

What are our measurement aims?

  • Development of analytical resources to effectively monitor the quality and impact of each work stream
  • Integrate measurement into the improvement cycle, moving away from the ‘standalone analytics’ model
  • Support work streams in the development of new data collections or solutions required in the course of their development and delivery

What support is available?

UCLPartners can support your teams with basic capability-building in measurement for improvement. We can also provide practical support including helping teams:

  • Select/define measures
  • Capture, display and analyse data
  • Make decisions
  • Plan additional tests of change in light of insights gained from measurement

Current activities and next steps

At present, we are identifying examples of good practice. We hope that this scoping work will inform the following broad aims:

  • A consistent measurement approach across UCLPartners geography, undertaken using measurement for improvement methodology
  • Clinical ownership
  • Being transparent to encourage engagement from patient and public partners and health and care partners outside the NHS.

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