Patient safety

The UCLPartners Patient Safety Programme (one of 15 patient safety collaboratives across England)

The UCLPartners Patient Safety Programme is one of 15 patient safety collaboratives established across England in October 2014, putting patients, carers and clinical staff at the heart of patient safety improvements. Hosted by UCLPartners the programme is part of the largest and most comprehensive national patient safety programme of its kind in the world.

Patient safety collaboratives were established in response to the Berwick review into patient safety, a major report that highlighted how basic safeguards breaking down or being ignored can lead to tragedy. The collaboratives are run through the 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs).

Individual AHSNs are focusing on improving care for patients in priority areas as well as enhancing capability in quality improvement and patient safety leadership.

The patient safety collaboratives will also work alongside Sign up to Safety, a patient safety campaign run by NHS England.

Our local priorities

In mid-2014 UCLPartners consulted its partner organisations through medical directors, nursing directors, executive forums and clinicians. Face-to-face consultation was supported by a formal survey. Acute kidney injury (AKI) andsepsis were identified as priority areas for partners as well as being responsible for the greatest number of avoidable deaths (based on national data). These form the first two workstreams of the UCLPartners patient safety programme. The reducing cardiac arrests workstream (deteriorating patient), set up in 2010 to reduce in-hospital mortality from cardiac arrests, has been incorporated into the UCLPartners patient safety programme.

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