Together with our partners, UCLPartners works to develop a culture of patient safety and continuous learning to improve the care provided to patients and their carers.

We are working with patients, staff and carers from all health and care providers covering a population of six million people to deliver both safe, high quality and continuously improving care services. As one of 15 patient safety collaboratives in England, the UCLPartners Patient Safety Programme has been supporting patient safety improvements since 2014.

Together with the other 14 patient safety collaboratives in England, we form the largest and most comprehensive patient safety programme of its kind. Patient safety collaboratives were established following the Berwick review into patient safety, a major report that highlighted fundamental breakdowns in the provision of safe care.

Strategic objectives

Our aim is to support lasting improvements to the quality of care provided to patients and carers by enabling healthcare providers to develop a culture of safety and learning. This is being achieved by leading large-scale patient safety initiatives, building quality improvement capability, and nurturing patient safety leadership in alignment with care providers across our region as well as national priorities.

Leading on from our two successful Breakthrough Series Collaboratives for acute kidney injury (AKI) and sepsis, we will continue to build on our strengths and spread patient safety improvements in three areas:

  • Physical deterioration of patients (Early flagging and treatment of sepsis, paediatric sepsis, deteriorating patient pathways)
  • Patient safety culture
  • Neo-natal and maternal health

Acute kidney injury (AKI) collaborative

The acute kidney injury (AKI) patient safety collaborative aims at measurably improving timely recognition, treatment and chances of survival for patients with AKI.

Find out more about the collaborative’s progress here.

Sepsis collaborative

We are supporting 13 hospital trusts to improve the care for patients suffering from or experiencing sepsis, applying the Institute for Healthcare Breakthrough Series approach.

Find out more about the collaborative’s progress here.

Patient Safety Champion and Storyboard Awards 2017

In June 2017 10 patient safety champions from 10 trusts were nominated for their outstanding contributions towards improving patient safety at their trust and supporting the collaborative.

Find out who the winners are here

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