These basic guidelines should help you get started with patient, carer and public involvement and engagement. We encourage others to ‘steal with pride’ but please reference as appropriate.

Introduction to Patient Insight and Involvement

Useful tools in evaluating the involvement of patients, carers and the public 

Working with the voluntary and community sector – a UCLPartners and LVSC summary of reports and guidelines from 2016

Involving patients and the public in research and research design – this guidance is a brief introduction to some of the things you will need to think about as you consider involving patients and the public in research and research design.

Practical tips for carrying out observations – guidance on things that you might like to consider when you are planning your observations.

Setting up a patient and carer group – guidance on the initial stages of establishing a Patient and Carer group, as well as the recruitment stage.

UCLPartners focus group template – a template for how to carry out a focus group, including ground rules and expectations.

Reimbursement and recognition for patient, carer, and public involvement – this policy outlines the reimbursement and recognition of time for patient partners involved in our work.

Useful tools in measuring the impact, and evaluating, involvement – this provides a short summary of four tools for evaluating involvement or engagement work

Using social media to involve and engage – presentations from our masterclass on social media

Making better use of patient feedback – presentations from our masterclass on this topic

Communications strategies for patient and public involvement and engagement – presentations from our Involvement Leads Forum on this topic

National roles and responsibilities in patient involvement and experience – presentations from our masterclass on this topic

Person-centred care for persons with comorbidity – presentations from our masterclass on this topic