Our vision is to develop world-class health services and research where patient behaviour and experience are central to innovation, planning and development.

Patient insight and involvement is one of UCLPartners capability-building themes because we believe that patients should be involved and engaged in every aspect of healthcare and that more can be done to develop staff to undertake this. We believe that working in partnership with our community and patients is the way to transform our best research and ideas into sustainable improvements in health.

Through an extensive engagement process with our population and members, we are focusing on three areas for coordinated action within UCLPartners. These are:

Partnering with our population

  • Involving and engaging seldom-heard voices and marginalised communities in delivering healthcare and in public health
  • Finding new ways to involve and engage people that better meets their needs and expectations

Developing comprehensive support and guidance – improving how UCLPartners and our members involve patients, carers and the public

  • Education and leadership, including: training, capability and patient leadership
  • Website with updated guidance, opportunities, and support

Evaluating and measuring impact

  • How do we know we’re doing this well? What does others’ research tell us?
  • How do we demonstrate the impact of what we do?

For more information, please contact our Patient Insight and Involvement Lead, Erin Walker.