NHS Innovation Accelerator

The NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) is delivered collaboratively by NHS England, UCLPartners and Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs).

The aim of the NIA is to deliver on the commitment detailed within the Five Year Forward View – creating the conditions and cultural change necessary for proven innovations to be adopted faster and more systematically through the NHS, and to deliver examples into practice for demonstrable patient and population benefit.

NIA 2016 will focus on three challenges based on population health needs:

  • Prevention
  • Early intervention
  • Long term condition management

Eight fellows join the programme in 2016 with evidence based innovations that can help to tackle these key challenges.

In its first year, the 17 fellows who joined the programme received support to take their high impact innovations to more than 60 NHS organisations, benefited more than three million patients and over £8m in funding raised.

Every year, the NIA looks for the best national and international healthcare innovators. To find out more you can email us at NIA@uclpartners.com or follow us for the latest news and updates @NHSAccelerator

2015 NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellows

In 2015, 17 fellows joined the programme and enjoyed the benefits of working with NHS organisations and AHSN partners.

If you have any questions, outside of the FAQs or if you would like more information, please contact  NIA@uclpartners.com.

​Watch the short video below to find out why the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) is something the NHS should be really proud of. It has been made by the fantastic innovators who have been supported by the NIA in 2015/16. In just a few short minutes they describe how the NIA has benefited their work and led to some incredible achievements that will benefit patients.


NIA 2016 Partners

UCLPartners is the host for the NIA in partnership with NHS England and the following Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN):


A list of FAQs related to the NHS Innovation Accelerator can be found on the NHS England website.