Aspiring Improvers

The Aspiring Improvers programme aims to create a network for people starting out in improvement, providing them with the skills and support to build their confidence and capability to get involved with, and eventually lead improvement.

We believe that improvement should be part of everyone’s job in health and social care, but often the development opportunities in this field, particularly in terms of peer support and networks, are restricted to particular roles or levels of seniority. The Aspiring Improvers programme aims to develop and inspire people working in health and social care who are in support roles or early in their career and who can demonstrate an enthusiasm for and commitment to improvement.

The programme

The programme provides training and development to help participants build their skills, knowledge and understanding of improvement. In addition, it will connect people at the start of their improvement journey and provide opportunity for open dialogue in a safe environment away from the usual workplace, offering time and space to reflect and plan.

Through this new network, participants will support each other, their own organisations and others in delivering better results for patients and populations. Importantly, they will also better equip themselves and their organisations to progressively improve over time.

The 12 month programme includes:
• Training in Quality Improvement skills
• Workshops which will include talks on improvement from experts and provide the opportunity to reflect and explore ideas, challenges and priorities
• The opportunity to turn an improvement idea into a reality by designing and running an improvement project
• The opportunity to network and build a community of people to turn to for inspiration, support and expertise that go beyond current local and professional networks and endure over time, beyond the formal programme
• The opportunity to gain access to wider communities of improvers, such as the UCLPartners Improvement Fellows
• Access to learning resources

This initiative will help make those involved become visible and effective and further support development and improvement capability. Organisations will benefit not only from participant’s development, but also from better access to great ideas, opportunities and talent from across the system, which can then be harnessed and deployed for wider benefit.

The Participants

The Aspiring Improvers Programme was established in December 2017 and following a successful pilot programme, we selected our second cohort in November 2018. The 12 individuals in our second cohort will be supported by members of our growing Improvement Network, including members of the Q Community and our Improvement Fellows, who will act as improvement mentors to the participants as they develop their skills over the 12 month programme.

Find out about our second cohort of improvers here.

Programme leadership

The Aspiring Improvers Programme is led by Kate Hall, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Capability, UCLPartners

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