Network development

UCLPartners brings together individuals and communities to create networks that offer opportunities to share learning and provide peer support.

UCLPartners aims to connect the wealth of knowledge generated by the people on the ground, and make it available to all; to develop improvement leadership at all levels; and to build partnerships across whole health and social care communities.

Strategic objectives of the programme:

Research has suggested that networks contribute to healthcare improvement by providing a forum for experimentation and creating knowledge, exchanging information and spreading good practice.

UCLPartners wants to expand on the opportunities staff across the region have for learning more, creating connections and tackling the barriers to improving the quality of health and care and outcomes for patients.

Building on the existing and growing networks established through our support of the Q Initiative and our own Improvement Fellows Programme, our aim is to develop a vibrant community of people who will use their shared skills and knowledge to promote an open organisational culture to stimulate and encourage improvement.

UCLPartners Improvement Fellows Programme

The UCLPartners Improvement Fellows Programme brings together local individuals from a range of organisations and roles who have the enthusiasm, motivation and capability to drive improvement within their organisations and beyond. The programme connects people, provides opportunity for open dialogue in a safe environment, offers time and space to reflect and plan, and gives opportunities for more tangible learning and benefits.

The first cohort of 23 Improvement Fellows was established in 2016. Following the success of the first cohort, the second was expanded to 38 individuals from a range of backgrounds; from primary and acute care, to mental health and social services, junior doctors and GPs to allied health professionals and general management.

Find out more about the UCLPartners Improvement Fellows Programme.

UCLPartners Aspiring Improvers Programme

The UCLPartners Aspiring Improvers Programme is a new initiative which aims to create a network for people starting out in improvement, providing them with the skills and support to build their confidence and capability to get involved with, and eventually lead improvement.

The programme provides training and development to help participants build their skills, knowledge and understanding of improvement. In addition, it will connect people at the start of their improvement journey and provide opportunity for open dialogue in a safe environment away from the usual workplace, offering time and space to reflect and plan.

UCLPartners recruited the first cohort of 12 Aspiring Improvers in October 2017. The participants were all nominated by Improvement Fellows, before going through an application process. Our Improvement Fellows will act as mentors to them through the 12 month programme. They come from across north central and east London and Essex, and have a wide range of backgrounds; from acute care to mental health, nursing staff and junior doctors, to project support and pharmacy.

Find out more about the UCLPartners Aspiring Improvers Programme here.


UCLPartners has partnered with the Health Foundation together with NHS Improvement to help grow the Q community.

Q has been designed to complement and help connect other initiatives and networks, so it aligns with the improvement work already underway in the region – such as the UCLPartners Improvement Fellows Programme and the emerging Improvement Network.

UCLPartners recruited 88 new members to Q from our partner organisations, who join the 20 existing members who were part of earlier recruitment waves.

Find out more about our work with Q.

Coming soon!

UCLPartners is developing a number of new networks to support people working at all levels in health and care across the region. If you would like to find out more about our plans, please contact Sophie Bulmer, Network Development Lead.

Programme leadership

Kate Hall, Director of Capability Development, UCLPartners

To find out more, contact Sophie Bulmer, Network Development Lead.