Culture and Leadership Collaborative

NHS Improvement and UCLPartners have joined together to run an 18-month collaborative programme to help NHS trust teams to develop their organisational strategies for compassionate and inclusive culture and leadership.

This programme builds on the NHS Improvement Culture Programme which was developed in partnership with the King’s Fund in 2016 and has since helped trusts across the country through online resources and support from NHS Improvement colleagues. The Culture and Leadership Collaborative will bring together up to six trusts in the UCLPartners region to follow the programme and share learning as a network on what works well, what doesn’t and how to overcome challenges.

About the collaborative

The collaborative approach will offer teams direct teaching, action learning, expert and experienced speakers as well as change team coaching to support the teams to grow as cultural couriers within their organisations.

We will use the collaborative approach as a tool to build expertise at undertaking this work within the system to support further adoption and spread.

By the end of the programme, trust teams will have explored their current culture, diagnosed areas for improvement, developed a strategy for positive and inclusive culture, and started to implement the changes.

What does the programme involve?

The Collaborative will run from January 2019 to July 2020. It is a structured learning system, that works in three phases:

Phase 1 – Discover
Supports the diagnosis of the Trust’s current culture using tools that draw together existing data, board, staff and stakeholder perceptions and knowledge, and a leadership workforce analysis.

Phase 2 – Design
Enables Trusts to develop a compassionate and inclusive leadership strategy, choosing which are the priority areas and what interventions are required to achieve the strategy.

Phase 3 – Delivery
Supports trusts to start making changes and implementing ideas to achieve their strategic aims.

Throughout the programme trusts will take part in:

  • Pre-collaborative site visits to support trusts getting ready for the programme
  • Eight learning sessions, with content delivered by culture and leadership experts, plus time for action learning and networking
  • Seven on-site coaching sessions, with ad hoc support
  • Seven webinars on related topics
  • Reviewing organisational culture through use of the NHS Improvement Culture and Outcomes dashboard, pre and post collaborative.

This programme is designed for trusts in the UCLPartners region, who are looking to develop and implement a coherent strategy for organisational culture or who wish to strengthen an existing strategy in this area.

Find out more

Listen to our first information webinar on how the collaborative will work and what the programme will cover on YouTube:



If you have any questions about the collaborative, please contact, or call Rachel Penniston on 020 3108 2331.

Programme leadership

The Culture and Leadership Collaborative is led by Kate Hall, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Capability, UCLPartners, in partnership with the Leadership and Quality team at NHS Improvement.