Bespoke support to partners

UCLPartners supports organisations from board to ward with their leadership and improvement needs to deliver high quality and effective care.

UCLPartners offers a range of improvement training, support and programmes to NHS and academic organisations in the region. UCLPartners uses the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Model for Improvement as the basis of improvement training and programmes.

We recognise that improvement work within organisations is evolving, and appreciate that this is often a long-term strategy. We ensure that any programme or training delivered is complementary to an organisation’s existing framework and the progress already made. Beyond practical bespoke support, we are happy to help organisations to develop their visions for improvement.

UCLPartners offers a range of improvement activities as bespoke programmes. These are developed in partnership with the commissioning organisation and tailored to their needs.

Some examples of our programmes are listed below:

Increasing awareness of quality improvement

Providing in-person training will help to raise awareness of and develop skills in improvement methodology in a larger proportion of staff, which will help to build a critical mass for improvement across the organisation. The courses outlined below will equip staff to undertake improvement projects.

Improvement into practice: advocates programme

Aimed at creating a cohort of improvement advocates within an organisation who can deliver projects, as well as help others to develop their improvement work. The programme content is built around the needs of the participants; providing a foundation of improvement knowledge, plus intermediate-level skills, for example, coaching. Participants select an improvement project that is important for their team/local area of work.

Spreading improvement: breakthrough collaborative approach

This approach is ideal for achieving and spreading improvement because of its focus on collaboration, shared learning and active testing of change, while learning the model for improvement. It is most effective when used on a key topic that multiple teams can work towards, such as a strategic priority for the organisation.

Primary Care

We provide the above programmes for primary care partners, and ran a number of 12-month collaboratives with CCG partners in north central and north east London in 2017. Read a summary report of our work in primary care here.

Board development

Working with an organisation’s Board ensures engagement in improvement at the highest level. It shows commitment to improvement and will help to embed a culture of improvement, empowering staff to thinking differently and explore new ways to improve care.


Contact us

If you would like to find out more about the support UCLPartners can provide to your organisation, please get in touch with Rachel Penniston, Head of Quality and Capability Development Programmes.