Practice nurse masterclasses

Four NHS mental health trusts across north east and central London are providing free mental health training specifically designed for practice, community and custodial nurses.

As a practice nurse, you regularly care for people who are suffering from mental health issues, some of which might be undetected and untreated. Those with long-term conditions are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, affecting the outcomes of their physical illness. People with a severe mental illness are also more likely to experience poor physical health and have a shorter life expectancy than the general population.

95 percent of mental health problems are attended to in primary care. With the relevant training and support, nurses are in a position to influence the outcomes of these patients.

These masterclasses have been designed to:

  • Improve case identification and signposting in primary care, in order to support earlier intervention
  • Support primary care environments to deliver appropriate care to patients with mental health problems, enabling safe discharge from secondary to primary care
  • Improve communication between primary and secondary care
  • Decrease the stigma of mental illness

Face-to-face modules

The programme consists of ten modules: five face-to-face and five e-learning.

Face-to-face training modules are as follows:

  • Module 1: Mental health awareness
  • Module 2: Behaviour change
  • Module 3: Physical health in mental illness
  • Module 4: Wellbeing
  • Module 5: Co-morbidities – using a psychological approach

The face-to-face modules organised through UCLPartners have now come to an end. We are currently in discussion with trusts to determine a future model for continued delivery for training.
Click here to download a summary of the face-to-face modules.

E-learning modules

A number of e-learning modules are available to support and continue nurse training. These modules have areas of focus including drug and alcohol awareness and medications used in mental illness.


The training sessions are delivered by a cohort of nurse educators from the mental health trusts.

All nurse educators have been trained by Dr Sheila Hardy, Education Fellow at UCLPartners and visiting fellow at the University of Northampton. Sheila has created training for nurses in various areas of mental health, including the development of this training package. Her experience spans twenty years of caring for people with mental health problems in primary care, writing educational articles for practice nurse journals, and research, including how using a psychological intervention in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can promote self-management. Sheila is keen to improve the care of people with mental health problems in primary care.


  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the training given by Sheila.”
  • “The overall presentation was very informative, to the point and easy to digest.”
  • “This is incredibly informative for primary care staff.”
  • “I enjoyed the course, and felt it was something that I could easily work with as a professional. I enjoyed the broadness of the topics covered, which gives some depth to mental health within a primary care setting.”
  • “I personally found the training very good, delivered at just the right pace, totally relevant to the job role.”

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If you have any queries about the practice nurse masterclasses please contact Sian Jones