Mental health in children and young people

We’re supporting our partners to deliver the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health, improving the mental health and care of children and young people in our population.

To date we’ve supported a range of projects, including:

Islington Mental Health and Resilience in Schools

This quality improvement project, led by Islington Council, works across schools to improve support for pupil’s emotional resilience. To date, this programme has:

  • Audited current activity in schools against an evidenced framework
  • Supported schools to implement quality improvement initiatives
  • Development of a toolkit to support other schools through the process.

UCLPartners have seconded a member of staff to Islington Council to lead this project.

More than Mentors peer mentoring

More than Mentors is a peer mentoring intervention which aims to promote emotional resilience in adolescents. Its development was facilitated by UCLPartners with a small grant from a joint Newham CCG and UCLPartners Programme. This mentoring programme has been developed by East London mental health psychologists, psychiatrists and youth practitioners with support from young people, academics and advice from local and regional voluntary sector colleagues, schools and commissioners. A pilot of this mentoring model revealed an increase in the resilience of mentees taking part.

UCLPartners has subsequently supported a consortium led by Community Links in East London who have secured a three-year funding grant from the Department of Health to take this important work forward.

Headstart Newham

Delivered by the London Borough of Newham and partners, this programme aims to ensure young people aged between 10 and 16 at risk of developing mental health problems are provided with effective support from their school, teachers, parents and peers. UCLPartners have facilitated the development of this programme through the secondment of Simon Munk, Programme Manager for Children and Young People’s Mental Health.

A range of initiatives developed by the programme have been successfully piloted in 16 schools and youth zones across Newham thanks to an initial £840,000 of Big Lottery Funding.
The newly announced Big Lottery funding boost will provide £10 million to the London Borough of Newham, enabling the Headstart Newham project to be rolled out across 16 of the borough’s secondary schools as well as 40 primary schools, youth zones and other community venues.

The Child Health Intelligence Platform (CHIP)

This information based tool, developed by UCLPartners in collaboration with Concentra, will enable local boroughs and CCGs to assess their progress in improving health services (including mental health) for children and young people by allowing them to collate and analyse data on a local, regional, and national scale. As part of a NWL Consortium contract, UCLPartners has been contracted by the Anna Freud Centre to complete a needs assessment of mental health in eight boroughs in North West London using Mental Health Intelligence Platform technology, which CHIP is based on.

CHIP will ultimately inform local boroughs about services that can be implemented to both improve health outcomes and reduce health care expenditure.