Dementia training resources for care homes

In 2016, UCLPartners received funding through The London Clinical Networks Dementia Programme to work in collaboration with the Health Innovation Network and NHS London Clinical Network to undertake a five-month project to deliver dementia awareness training to care home staff across Boroughs in North, East and Central London (NCEL).

The aim of the project was to raise awareness and understanding of dementia amongst care home staff working in residential and nursing homes in NCEL, thereby facilitating better support for individuals with dementia and their families. This was to be achieved through the delivery of a sustainable dementia training package which can be cascaded to care homes using a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach.

Project objectives were:

  • To deliver train the trainer dementia awareness training to nominated residential and nursing home staff across North East and North Central London
  • To ensure the trained trainers are confident and competent at delivering the training through observing and providing constructive feedback on their training.
  • To evaluate the impact of the training provided through the collection and analysis of metrics

A full report on the project can be accesses here.

Training package:

  1. Training guide
  2. Training slides
  3. Signing in sheet
  4. Pre-training questionnaire 
  5. Video – Barbara’s story
  6. Barbara’s Story key messages handout
  7. DeAR- GP form
  8. DeAR- GP care workers guide
  9. Video – how to get involved
  10. JDR factsheet
  11. Post-training questionnaire
  12. Certificate