Child health

UCLPartners’ child health programmes aim to improve the health outcomes of children living in the UCLPartners geography.

Our AHSC programme supports activities to integrate research, education and clinical care whilst the AHSN programme focuses on improving the delivery of care and prevention of ill health.

Child health (AHSN)

We are committed to supporting our partners  focus on improving the care, outcomes and experience of healthcare for children and young people as well as supporting the prevention of ill health.

Strategic objectives

  • Decrease mortality and morbidity for the 1.34 million children in our geography and beyond
  • Improve the life chances of children under 19 years
  • Promote better health and wellbeing
Previous projects




Child health programme (AHSC)

Promoting the health of children lays the foundation for good health throughout life. Treatments have transformed illnesses, once fatal in childhood, to chronic conditions. However, the cause of many illnesses is still unclear and the treatments available are sub optimal.

This programme is built around the close partnership between Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH), who together form the largest grouping of biomedical research dedicated to children, outside North America. The programme also involves participation from across UCLPartners.

Work within the programme is focussed on six areas:

  • Genetics and genomic medicine
  • Developmental biology and cancer
  • Developmental neurosciences
  • Infection, immunity and inflammation (III)
  • Cardiovascular
  • Population, policy and practice

The child health programme has three workstreams:

Adding value to the NIHR and Department of Health-funded networks and centres in child health
Improving the health of children with rare diseases
UK partnership to enhance child health research


Programme leadership

Professor Rosalind Smyth, Programme Chair, Child Health AHSC