14 September 2016

UCLPartners Director to join Precision Medicine Catapult

Joanne HackettProfessor Joanne Hackett, Director of Commercial Development, is leaving UCLPartners on 30 September to join Precision Medicine Catapult. Joanne will join the Catapult team as Chief Commercial Officer with responsibility for supporting the growth of the UK precision medicine industry, bringing health and economic benefits to the UK population.

The Precision Medicine Catapult is a not-for-profit, independent technology and innovation centre that connects businesses with the UK’s research and academic communities. Its overall aim is to make the UK the most attractive place in the world to develop precision medicine.

Professor Joanne Hackett said: “Joining Precision Medicine Catapult is a fantastic opportunity to continue to support the translation of innovative ideas into real products and solutions that will create lasting improvements in the health of the population.”

Joanne’s expertise in creating connections between industry, academia and the NHS whilst at UCLPartners will help inform solutions being tackled by the Precision Medicine Catapult. The move helps to forge a new collaboration between the catapults and the academic health science partnerships across the country.

Professor Sir David Fish, UCLPartners Managing Director, said: “We’re delighted that Joanne is taking on a new national role in this cutting edge and collaborative endeavour, which will help bring together our resources for patient and population benefit as well as economic value to the country.”

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