Population health

As a company built on partnership working, UCLPartners has experience of bringing together organisations to transform systems of health and care for the benefit of patients and populations. This has resulted in improved outcomes for patients and populations, and improved value for organisations.

Building on this expertise, we have developed a focused approach to place-based care to support improvements for whole populations across the partnership and further afield. This approach – supporting primary care development and linking up organisations in the health and care system to ensure that high quality care is delivered effectively and efficiently – aims to support partners to close the health, quality and financial gaps that currently exist in the NHS.

Platform of support for system transformation

UCLPartners platform of support is developing according to the needs of the partners and their patients and populations. It is based on four key objectives:

  • Providing bespoke support to localities
  • Facilitating dissemination and shared learning across the partnership, pan-London and nationally to accelerate pace of transformation
  • Supporting the development of the national enablers
  • Facilitating integration of academia and innovation.

A significant aspect of this agenda is whole-system programmes of change across health and social care, including support in the following areas:

  • Model design
  • Engagement and involvement
  • Leadership and governance
  • Commissioning and contracting
  • Workforce
  • Improvement capability, Evaluation and measurement
  • Technology and information

Highlighting examples of support:

  • Using academic rigour through leading an evidence review to understand how an ACO can improve population health and produce efficiency savings in the local health economy in the short to medium term. Read the full report published May 2016.
  • Leading a programme of work with the CCG and other partners in Newham to improve primary care and address above average prevalence of diabetes, child and adult obesity, and impact on health of a high population turnover
  • Implementing i-THRIVE, a new model of care for child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), across 11 accelerator sites
  • Strategic review of Care City to ground the organisation’s ambitions in whole-system partnership for the benefit of the community in Barking and Dagenham through healthy ageing and social regeneration
  • Supporting the reconfiguration of specialist cancer and cardiac services working with partners in north east and north central London to save lives and improve efficiency
  • Bespoke support for challenged trusts, including board development
  • Development of the national Digital Maturity Programme to highlight key strengths and gaps in providers’ ability to operate paper-free at the point of care.


UCLPartners report: How can local health economies improve population health and produce efficiency savings in the short to medium term?

Population-based health and care – devolution as a model for London: Download the presentations from our 18 May event.

How to get in touch

We would be very pleased to discuss your requirements and find out more about how we could support you. To get in touch or find out more information about UCLPartners’ support offer, please contact our directors Hilary Ross or Charlotte Williams by email or call 020 3108 2337. You can also email us with any general enquiries.