UCLPartners Year in Review

We're working in partnership to transform
the health of the population and improve wellbeing

We are privileged to work with colleagues across our partnership who share our passion and enthusiasm for healthcare improvement.

"We are immensely grateful to our partners for their continuing efforts to work collaboratively in order to make the greatest possible impact on the health of our population."

Dr Charlie Davie, Managing Director
Prof Lord Ajay Kakkar, Chair

This year, our offer to the partnership has continued to grow. In this review we share significant progress from work with our partners to recognise and respond to the deteriorating patient, improve care for the elderly and join up information across healthcare services.

Our role as a core provider of capability development opportunities remains and our offer in this area has significantly expanded, to meet the needs of our partners.

We continue to use our expertise in healthcare innovation to find solutions to address the needs of patients and the population.

Who we are

We focus on translating cutting-edge research and innovation into measurable health and care improvements for the population.

Our primary focus is working in partnership with more than 50 organisations from the NHS, social care and academia, across parts of London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and serving a population of around six million people.

Our work is increasingly having an impact beyond our local boundaries, with innovations developed by our partners being adopted on a national and global scale.

Partnership achievements

These have only been possible through the commitment and collaboration of partners who see solutions for the whole population.

Our achievements in


Thanks to the NIA, 1,242 organisations across the country are using innovative new product, services and devices.


Connecting patient data

We are establishing a secure data service in east London, joining up information across services to improve the quality of healthcare for patients.


Speeding up the adoption of technology in London's NHS

  • MIRA rehab

    A video game that makes physiotherapy more engaging

  • Physitrak

    A suite of video based exercise programmes

  • SXT

    A digital service that signposts patients to their nearest, most appropriate sexual health service provider

  • Maldaba

    Web based systems that improve working practices

  • My Clinical Outcomes

    A web-based platform that automates the collection and analysis of Patient Reported Outcome Measures

  • Transforming Systems

    Solutions to improve the visibility of real time information across the NHS

Innovation in the spotlight:

MIRA rehab - a video game that makes physiotherapy more engaging for children - is being rolled out in the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, thanks to support from the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme.

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Our achievements in:

Digital Health

Transforming health through data science


Improving detection of Atrial Fibrillation


Our achievements in:

Primary and community care

Supporting integrated care

We are working with Sustainability and Transformation Partnership teams, supporting them to develop the skills they need to work with colleagues from a range of disciplines. This collaborative approach enables the delivery of effective, patient-centred integrated care.


Improving care and quality of life for older people


Our achievements in:

Mental health

Developing the improvement capability of mental health practitioners

NIHR Mental Health Policy Research Unit

£5 million funding awarded for NIHR Mental Health Policy Research Unit which will bring mental health researchers, clinicians, service users and carers closer together.

Our achievements in:

Building capability and improvement

Improving recognition and response to the deteriorating patient

Working with 13 hospital trusts across the partnership, we have developed the quality improvement capabilities of staff and improved outcomes for patients, reducing mortality from Acute Kidney Injury by 47% and Sepsis by 24%.


Encouraging shared learning and collaboration

3,504 individuals from across UCLPartners now use LifeQI, an online platform we provide for organisations, enabling teams to manage quality improvement projects and share their learning for the benefit of others.


Developing a culture
of improvement

Developing a culture
of improvement

This year, we've trained over 900 individuals from just over 60% of our partner organisations through our suite of training programmes. We've also enrolled over 100 members on to our networks, helping to develop a culture of improvement to enable and sustain high quality, safe, efficient and compassionate care.


Our business

UCLPartners is a company limited by guarantee. We bring together a wide set of roles to bring about greater improvements across the health and care pathway for the benefit of patients and the population.

Our employees

We have a team of around 80 employees, of which around one third are on secondment from partner organisations at any one time. Our staff come with a wide range of experience spanning health care, academia and industry. We employ staff with both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.

Our employees

We have a team of around 80 employees, of which around one third are on secondment from partner organisations at any one time. Our staff come with a wide range of experience spanning health care, academia and industry. We employ staff with both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.

We actively encourage secondees working with us to share the knowledge they gain at UCLPartners when they return to their own organisations. Likewise, we encourage our staff to spend time in partner organisations.

This approach builds capability across the partnership, benefitting both patients and staff.

Summary of our income in 2017/18

Summary of our income in 2017/18

Summary of our spending in 2017/18

Summary of our spending in 2017/18

Just over half of our expenditure is related to pay and the majority of our non-pay costs are for the delivery of our programmes.
As the company continues to develop, we remain focused on ensuring all corporate costs are minimised.

Our future

What next

Partnership working remains at the forefront of everything we do. As ever, we are committed to supporting our partners to deliver a sustainable health and care system for the population.

In May 2018 UCLPartners was relicensed as an AHSN for the next five years. Under our new licence we will focus on national priorities for the NHS including mental health, stroke prevention and medicines optimisation.

Over the coming year we will build a local Innovation Exchange that will identify common challenges and bring organisations together to develop, test and spread solutions. We will also evolve our offer of support for our local sustainability and transformation partnerships and support economic growth by helping to develop and deliver the Industrial Strategy and life sciences agenda.

Throughout our work, we will embrace the enabling function of digital technology, for the benefit of patients and the population.

For further information about our work and to read our full annual report and financial accounts for 2017/18, please visit www.uclpartners.com or follow @uclpartners

Thank you to our partners who have worked in partnership to support our vision.

We also thank our colleagues in the NIHR Clinical Research Network North Thames, NIHR CLAHRC North Thames and North Thames Genomic Medicine Centre for their ongoing support during the year.