We aim to facilitate a cultural shift across the partnership by creating an environment which fosters enterprise and innovation, and values the contribution that industrial and commercial partners can make. Rather than operating as a stand-alone programme, wealth creation is considered in the work of all of our programmes.

Our plans are to further contribute to economic growth by being opportunistic and capitalising on the cohesion and strength of the partnership through our strategic priorities.

Strategic objectives

  • To foster enterprise
  • To realise the commercial value of research and innovation
  • To foster knowledge exchange

The work of individual member organisations within the partnership already drives economic growth, through their ability to successfully translate discovery science into improved health benefits for the local, UK and global population. Examples from the partnership:

  1. Nutrition research at UCL provided the first experimental evidence in humans to show that infant feeding and pattern of growth affect long-term risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. This lead to major changes in public health and infant nutrition practice.
  2. At the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine advances in rapid detection of parasite DNA is revolutionising the monitoring of patient outcomes in antimalarial clinical trials and contributing to maintenance of blood product safety in the UK.

Over the past year we have supported over 350 business, helped create 21 new products/services and were instrumental in creating/safe guarding 75 jobs, valued at over £6 million.