Real world validation – benefits for industry

Commercial innovators beginning to sell their innovations into the NHS are generally found to have strong clinical evidence of efficacy and safety and some may have a high level financial Benefit Impact Model (BIM).

The NHS, however, often requires assurance on several issues including:

  • The route to implementation
  • The complexities to be overcome
  • Evidence of benefits realisation similar organisations
  • Anecdotal evidence from reference sites

These issues can prevent NHS organisations from adopting and spreading an early stage innovation.

The innovation report and case study produced by a real world validation can aid the adoption and spread of an innovation by providing:

  • A study of the route through the implementation pathway
  • An understanding of the complexities of the implementation
  • Opportunities to further develop an innovation by observation of a deployment in a real world setting with all the associated pressures and complexities of a front line service
  • Validation of the various benefits realised in that same complex environment
  • A final report which can be disseminated around the AHSN network to aid in the spread of the innovation
  • A final report which can serve as an assurance tool in lieu of a selection of reference sites for organisations to visit

Ultimately, a real world validation can generate investment and enhance a product’s sales story to enable growth and job creation.

For more information contact Chris Wood.