Real world validation – benefits for the NHS and social care

Involving your organisation in a real world validation may seem to be adding an unnecessary burden of complexity to your project.

This is not necessarily the case.

UCLPartners offers a package of support to health and care organisations, proportional in scale to the size and complexity of the innovation, to support delivery of the real world validation. In return, health and care organisations are asked to generate and share data, and co-produce, together with UCLPartners and the innovation supplier, a final ‘real world validation’ report detailing:

  • The complexities encountered in implementing the innovation
  • The steps taken to overcome them
  • The costs involved in the implementation
  • The benefits derived from the implementation (fiscal, clinical and process)

This final report is then spread around the AHSN network with co-credits to UCLPartners, the relevant NHS organisation, and the innovation supplier.

The report is used to help in the adoption and spread of an innovation, providing other potential adopting organisations with an understanding of the implementation pathway and assurance of benefit delivery.  Should the innovation not generate the benefits expected, the report can help the innovator to understand how best to refine their product.

For more information contact Chris Wood.