What is Real World Validation?

Real World Validation (RWV) of an innovation can bring benefits to both industry and health and care.

It can help with the adoption and spread of an innovation, providing potential adopting organisations with an understanding of the implementation pathway and assurance of benefit delivery. Alongside this, real world validation can support industry to generate investment and enhance a product’s sales story to enable growth and job creation.

Real World Validation  is an observed study to assess the impact and benefits to patients, staff and the health economy, in a non-controlled environment, of an innovation that has already undergone a pilot process.

All real world validation projects aim to capture:

  • Validation of the claimed benefits of the innovation
  • Patient uptake and satisfaction with the innovation
  • Staff uptake of and satisfaction with the innovation and any associated changes in working practice
  • Identification of challenges of the innovation implementation process (and their solutions)
  • Costs associated with the innovation implementation process
  • Financial impact on the organisation, the NHS, and the wider health economy

UCLPartners’ real world validation process is run in partnership by UCLPartners, the innovator, and a health or social care organisation. All parties work together to deliver a real world validation report at the end of the process to answer the relevant points above.

The final real world validation report is then shared with the 15 AHSN organisations to promote the adoption and spread of the innovation in question. The report is intended to add to an innovation’s story and serve as a guide to implementation of the innovation for other organisations that may wish to adopt it.

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Real world validation for industry

Real world validation for health and care