10 August 2016

Building a resource for patient and public insight and involvement

Chelsea Atherton

Being ‘patient led’ is one of UCLPartners core values, so Patient Insight and Involvement plays a crucial role in everything we do. Over the last two years we have built a network of over 160 Involvement Leads from across the region to strengthen collaboration and improve how partners develop services, research and education based on what matters most to patients and the population. We’ve found that there is so much great work happening across the region, it can be difficult to know where to start or how we can disseminate this best.

To support sharing knowledge and the latest information across the partnership, we have revamped the Patient Insight and Involvement area of the UCLPartners website, with the help of the network, to become a regular and interactive resource for all those working with patients, carers and the public.

The website now covers:

Definitions: A list of common definitions used in patient insight and involvement. We felt that this was an important place to start, as a common understanding of what is meant by “involvement” and “engagement” can avoid any ambiguity.

Getting involved: Information on how to get involved as a patient, carer or member of the public, as well as information on how to get involved as a patient experience or involvement staff member. Members of our Involvement Leads Network have access to our network events, newsletter, and shared private network site providing comprehensive access to guidance, expertise and knowledge from other organisations.

Our team: This includes the UCLPartners patient insight and involvement team, as well as the UCLPartners Involvement Leads Steering Group. The Steering Group represents 10 organisations within the region, and has played a fundamental role in developing the Involvement Leads Network.

Examples of our work: This page demonstrates some of the key programmes of work that have helped to embed patient, carer and public involvement and engagement. These include the 100,000 Genomes Project, The NHS Innovation Accelerator, and the UCLPartners Patient Safety Programme.

FAQs: The FAQ page is one of the most useful within the new website content. Here, we have compiled a list of the most common questions that we get asked. We hope that this page, as well as the “Resources” page will be something that you can regularly refer back to and utilise. Please get in touch if there are any other key questions that you would like answered.

Resources: This page covers basic guidelines which should help you get started with patient, carer and public involvement and engagement, such as setting up a patient and carer group or a template for undertaking a focus group. We encourage others to ‘steal with pride’ (but, of course, reference as appropriate!)

Useful links: Here we have put together a list of some links that we use regularly in our patient insight and involvement work. If you have not been able to find the information that you were looking for on our website pages, it is likely that you will be able to find it on one of these great websites.

Please take a look at our new content and familiarise yourself with the various Patient Insight and Involvement pages that are now available. If we have missed any key information, please do not hesitate to email and we will ensure that it’s added to our resources.

Chelsea Atherton was Patient Insight and Involvement Project Coordinator for UCLPartners. To find out more about our patient insight and involvement work, please contact Rachana Bhatt.

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